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The eighth generation of flexibly, while providing good stability is the location of a new generation of Paul signature boots, looking forward to the new season it can assist Paul with good performance in the NBA field. related information:behind every successful brand, there is a story that can be told, or a person. As the founder of Adidas, Adi Dassler, at the age of 20 in 1920, had the sole purpose of making the best sneakers for athletes in different sports. Dassler has made himself a top supplier of athletic shoes through his own efforts, offering 11 different shoes in 30 series, all of which have been completed in 10 years. Dassler in the latter part of the Second World War from Germany to set up his own company, but employees only 48 people. With the idea of creating lightweight trainers, the company began its initial construction. The initial success was founded in 1948, when Dassler cheap air jordans created the adidas logo, a logo that fused his name. With the now iconic three bar, the company moved from the sleepy Germany to the world stage. Similar to the recent topic of the B-Sides series, Archive Pack also chose Adidas Originals's successful creative shoes. The choice is the classic Forest Hills, on the bottom of the choice of bright yellow, coupled with the NASA designed by the air system, so that it becomes the lightest tennis shoes, weight is only 250 grams. This replica of the shoes is not only a souvenir, but also a respect for the legendary spirit of the founder. New products continue to sell NEIGHBORHOOD2007A/W quarter, the focus will be all kinds of above and FRAGMENT DESIGN jointly launched a single product, including PEA Coat, Duffle Coat and a total of four samples, are equipped with the standard in the winter. in addition, there are other items have been launched, inc Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale luding the golden eyes lighter super download (142.29 KB) annual "shoe event Solemart at the weekend in Berlin opened, site in addition to the many exhibitors also attract a wavelet local shoes like this involved overwhelmed us for everyone to bring the show those fascinating shoes. These shoes come largely from in the present most popular Nike, Adidas, Reebok, new balance and ASICs and other brands, one of the highlights include color matching new balance CM1600KH x Ronnie Fieg "Daytona", air jordan 1 hi retro "Melo" color, and a in the air of the "king of tennis shoes" MAG was inspired by the custom of the Nike Air Max 90, really an eye opener. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send buy cheap jordans online . Source: HBProps Nike Air Mag re sale 2015-10-10 11:06:37 day before we introduce the official Nike may in October 21st will bring us some news about Air Mag, but the official "apathy" attitude, let us sad. But it does not matter, ahead of the end of the month the arrival of Halloween saved us! The day before the universal pictures and Nike agreement, will be generally available in the Air Mag version of props recently, although the lack of Nike Swoosh embellishment, but also can satisfy people's regret, it is understood that the shoe is still priced at $99! Very close to the people, there is wood!! Nike Field General 2 "rainbow after rain" charm debut 2015-10-12 12:10:07 a few days ago, we also introduce the Nike Field General 2 series a "charm rainbow", from the fans' attention is still quite popular, and now, another Nike Field General 2 "Rainbow" is now on sale for the differenc jordans on sale mens e on than before and the cool color. Is big. The shoes are made of warm tone rainbow color, the use of brilliance color is exceptionally brisk, and the atmosphere of the whole pair of shoes is like the rainbow after rain. Xiao Bian believes that these two different "Rainbow" series, if paired with mandarin ducks appear in the public view, will become the focus of attention. At present, the shoes are now on sale, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. co organized by the famous outdoor brands Burton and clot "all gone 2015" Beijing book signing today in the Sanlitun juice shop ended successfully. At the same time "all gone" writer who Michael Dupouy and clot chefs Kevin Poon also came to the scene and the trend of love who have conducted close communication and signature pictures, two people is in Burton Snowboard conducted improvisations. Juice shop will last year included in the jordans on sale online all Witten 2015 "within the clot full range of shoes display to the public. Miss brilliant scene grand friends might as well and we together through the photos review. not only that, we also to Michael Dupouy and Kevin Poon second people were on-site interview, talked some cooperation between the two sides of the fun and their respective for future career prospects. Want to know how the two people know each other? Want to know "GONE ALL" and CLOT in the future there is any new action? Do you want to know what the two street leaders have said to the young man who is now popular? Don't miss the interview! Dupouy K:Kevin PoonM:MichaelCLOT with "GONE ALL" the relationship has always been very good, do you still remember each other is how to know? M: I first met with Kevin should be more than a decade ago. In its "all gone" before, I have a site called wesoldout, was to promote the site we went jordan 3 katrina 2018 to many different places in Asia, the United States and other, because Kevin know people in many different fields, so after a friend introduced we will know, naturally has become a good friend. K: if you say the first meeting place, it should be in Hongkong. At that time Michael with some of his French Colette friends to Hongkong, just we made an appointment to eat lunch, there will be the first meeting. We talked a lot about shoes, clothes and toys that day. These are all common interests. Then every time we come to France, we will find him, when he came to Asia, we will also help him, so he became a good friend. has been committed to the two place to promote the trend of street culture, what do you want to bring some information to the consumer or fans? M: first of all thank you for your efforts to make sure. I with my French friends and not from the upper class society, initially we never cheap foamposites thought will have any impact on the trend of culture, just like you this thing so I want to put it out of the promotion, efforts to complete the matter. If you want to convey the information, should be through myBeijing time on June 13th, finals G5, Kyrie Irving today in the foot of this special color matching Nike Kyrie 3 PE, Nike officially released the shoes of the HD big picture. the shoes with a color based black tone, with golden swoosh, red ink and pattern elements in the bottom end of forefoot reflected by red and gold embroidery logo, also equipped with a blue ice crystal bottom. color shoes, no sales information. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! hot red color Nike Zoom campus KD 10 will debut in September, the Fly jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black knit mixed fabric uppers Black Suede collocation support module, the bottom window can directly see the same campus red Zoom Air air cushion shoes filled with the vitality of youth. shoes information: Nike KD 10 offer date: 09/01/17 color: University, Red/Pure, Platinum-Black number: 897816-600 offer price: $150 APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! in July 31st, the world's top 500 enterprises in Wenzhou footwear Auchan special purchasing will be held at the International Wenzhou Hotel, the more than 40 shoe enterprises to negotiate, and children's shoes, canvas shoes, sports shoes and so on several types of shoe has not arrived. Wenzhou International Investment Promotion Center official said, transnational retail gian Retro jordans for sale ts came home purchasing, export just started Wenzhou shoe enterprises should seize the opportunity to take the opportunity to enter the international market. the scene only to more than 40 shoe enterprises, how many people feel a little surprised. However, listening to the Ou Shang Ying Interroll (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. Product Manager Dan Qianying introduction, it is not surprising. "Our goal is to sell more and more quality products to more and more customers at lower and lower prices." A single show that, for example, sports shoes, the quality should be similar to Nike, Adidas, but prices tend to mid-range, of course, under the same conditions, they will give priority to short delivery, long term payment of shoe enterprises cooperation. this standard, the scene of many shoe boss dubbed "borrow cheaply". A Ouhai shoe enterprises responsible person said, wi air jordan 11 space jam for sale th the international giants such as cooperation, profit pressure is very low, but the other side of an order down, the demand will be considerable, successful cooperation, the amount of orders will be relatively stable, the product can be a short time to enter the global market. "if the overseas market has been mature network, basically does not consider cooperation with multinational companies such as auchan." Many shoe owners express similar views. Obviously, Chen Qi, deputy director of the Wenzhou International Investment Promotion Center, is not surprised by this view. He said that such a special procurement will be organized mainly to help more SMEs in Wenzhou seek a way to expand the export market. Chen Qi said, this route is for, to see different companies, such as AOKANG, Dongyi has its own international market network of the enterprise, is not the demand of the auchan. What kind of shoes are most suitable? Already have a certain scale of production, is about to expand overseas markets or export of shoes just start, can be in line with international standards in the short term, but also can rapidly expand export share. (editor in chief: admin) two years of Chinese leather shoes in the European Union after the anti-dumping tax, the domestic involving more than 1200 enterprises most went to do a "turtle", is still the only AOKANG , etc. temane pitiful few companies hired a lawyer to appeal to the court of leather shoes anti-dumping litigation. Such a situation is puzzling. the industry knows that a 16.5% tax rate is a deadly punishment. After the EU arbitration force and started, many shoe exports to the EU will be cornered, because the shoe exports to the EU, the vast majority of the company's profit is only about 10%, and the European Union in their business, most of the profit is to the dealer. : then why does the European Union have to suffer "killers"? The dumping of the rules of the game is defined like this: if a pair of shoes in the domestic price is 10 euros, sold to the EU into a price of 8 euros, dumping in trade has been formed, in accordance with the rules of WTO, dumping countries are to be taxed as a punishment. How have Chinese shoes been punished? After generally is the case, a pair of shoes sold in China to 10 euros in the EU price was sold to 20 euros, but sold to third countries outside the EU when price is 25 euros, the EU is on the basis of the 25 Euro Chinese shoes anti-dumping ruling. in the abacus, in the normal value of export products, often will also export country into a "market economy" and "non market economy" class two, and were using different calculation methods. For a "market economy" survey using their domestic price data directly, for "non market economy" is not the market price, instead of using the considered "third market economy" (i.e. the "surrogate country") the price data as normal value. In the "China color TV set up dumping", the selected "third country" is Singapore; this "Chinese shoes constitute dumping", the selected "third country" is said to be Brazil. isn't China already joining WTO? "China shoes" why is with special respect? Specialized in studying WTO rulesFrom Air Jordan 5 platinum and Air Jordan 11 Low platinum gorgeous flashes, to Air Jordan 7 new Olympic Games and Olympic spray exquisite and unique, in Olympic year new clothes appearance, also has obtained the good market feedback. All these colors continue good sales data, of course, on the one hand, it is also because the price is reasonable, performance performance performance is excellent.